Friedman Business Consulting, LLC 


Friedman Business Consulting, LLC specializes in point-of-sale, inventory control, customer loyalty, accounting and related business support services to support small and mid-size retailers and the vendors that support these retailers.



Over 40 years of combined Retail Experience

Previous Retail user of Counterpoint     

Former Top 10 Counterpoint Business Partner - DAMOMICS Inc.

National Speaker at Industry Conferences



Project Management - Oversee entire Implementations and Upgrades

Trade Show Assistance - Manage Trade Show Booths  with lead generation

User Conference Management - Organize, Plan and Operate Events

Audits - Accounting errors, Theft research & Disclosures, Security forensics

Accounting Integration - Passport, QuickBooks & Real World

Neutral to Ground Testing -

Pre-Install Testing and Operational Issues Resolution

Solve Premature Electronic Failures & “Hanging” symptoms

BxGFree CPSQL Mod -

Multiple Loyalty Programs (i.e. Punch Cards / Clubs) per Customer

Small Run Gift Cards - Design services for Gift & Loyalty Cards

Loyalty & Promotion Design - Implementation and Analytics

Seminars, Webinars & Training –

Loyalty Program Design

How To Grow Your Business

Business Credit Card EMV Acceptance – “Chip In Card” education

Validated Coupons in Counterpoint SQL

Dealing with Daily Deals


                                    Gloria & Ron Friedman (607) 524-0057