The DAMOMICS Building at 120 W Water Street, Elmira

At about 3:30pm on Friday July 25th 2014,  the staff of DAMOMICS was notified they will need to be out of their building on Monday (July 28th). The four story building a couple of buildings adjacent had a collapsed in its upper floors a few days prior.  Ron and Gloria purchased this building in 1996 and completely renovated it.  Over the years, however, adjactent downtown Elmira businesses have closed, and their buildings have become vacant. Buildings West of this  property were demolished in the late 1990s. The buildings to the East have gone through three failed rehabilitation projects. The 3rd story roof of the adjacent building has been in need of repair for years, causing us to continuously communicate to the City Of Elmira the need to demolish these buildings before a critical situation or injury happens. It seems this is what happened.

On that Monday, DAMOMICS staff moved to a temporary location. Critical systems such as phones and servers were left behind. The project was supposed to take two weeks but, a load of bricks landed on our roof, making our building uninhabitable.

We moved to the Strathmont Place building as our new home, which is where Soft Intelligence still has their offices.   The 118-120 W Water Street building was finally demolished by the city in October 2015.

Ron and Gloria Friedman were the owners of DAMOMICS INC since 1982.  January 1, 2015 the inventory and clients were purchased by Soft Intelligence of Atlanta, GA.   Soft Intelligence is maintaining staff and offices in downtown Elmira.  They can be reached at

Gloria Friedman started DAMOMICS in 1982 as a programmers shop. DAMOMICS stands for Development And Modification Of MIcroComputer Software. During the course of work, requests would come in for custom built computers, parts, service and accessories. Thus the DAMOMICS store location on 120 Water Street was purchased. Through the years, DAMOMICS adapted to serve the needs of its customer base in the Twin Tiers. In speaking with several business customers, there was a clear need for Point of Sale software in the local business community. Ron & Gloria researched and demoed all of the available POS software and hardware at the time and came to the conclusion that Synchronics CounterPoint was the best option with the widest industry scope. Ron & Gloria have excellent relations with their customers as well as ties to the community (being members of the Chamber of Commerce since DAMOMICS inception) and being a strong supporter of community events. With the creation of the DAMOMICS User’s Conference in 2005, the owners cultivate an environment where their clients can mingle, learn new CounterPoint options as well as preview services from a wide range of vendors.

Ronald A Friedman, has been in the Information Technology field for over 35 years.  Prior to DAMOMICS, Ron was previously employed as a Consultant and Account Manager for the nation’s largest professional computer service company (Computer Task Group, Inc.). Ron’s Electrical Engineering & Computer Science education is from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  His specialization is in inventory control, physical counts,  data collection and customer loyalty programs. 

Gloria Friedman, has been in the Information technology Field for over 30 years. Gloria was previously employed as a Materials Engineer for Corning Glass Works (now Corning Inc.). Gloria’s Masters in Materials Engineering and Computer Education is from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Gloria’s specializes in operations and accounting.  She does troubleshooting and training for QuickBooks, Real World, PassPort and other accounting software systemsl.

Ron Friedman sits on the Board of Directors for the Chemung County Chamber of Commerce and has been actively involved with the Chamber for the last 30 years.

We now consider ourselves to be "semi retired" but we will continue to assist other CounterPoint dealers and end users and QuickBooks end users on a special request basis.   We are also providing voluntary consulting services through SCORE.

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